Curtain Cleaning Without a Hassle in 2022

One of those household chores that people put off for years is curtain cleaning. Many people simply replace them because the procedure of taking them down, cleaning, pressing, and rehanging them is time-consuming.
You may, however, keep your curtains and drapes in excellent shape without first pulling them down. Cleaning curtains could be a lot easier than you think if you have the right tools. In this article, you will get to know how you can clean your curtains without putting much effort.

1. Make a vacuum

If all you need to clean your curtains is dust, a powerful vacuum cleaner with a long attachment should suffice. However, for the greatest results, you should choose a mobile and lightweight cleaning system. To reach the very top of your curtains, you may need to use ladders or a step, and the only way to do so safely is to keep both hands free. To keep on top of the situation, use a soft brush attachment to remove stubborn dust and grime, and vacuum on a regular basis.

2. Give them a good shake

Climb to the top of your curtains with a set of ladders (with someone holding them firmly for you) and shake them vigorously from somewhere near the pole or rod. Although you’ll need to vacuum the surrounding regions of the floor afterwards, this will loosen tenacious dust and debris.

3. Remove any little filaments with a brush

Certain types of curtains can attract dust and fabric fibers, known as lint, which can stick to the material even when vacuumed. Use a lint roller or brush if your vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem to have removed all of the lint. Have someone pull the drapes outwards and flat for you to ensure you catch everything.

4. Make use of steam’s power

A vacuum cleaner will not suffice if your curtains are oily or have unattractive stains. Rather than taking them down and washing them, you may use the force of steam to remove stains while your curtains are still in place. With a little effort, a powerful handheld steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment can frequently loosen stains and debris from curtains.
For steam curtain cleaning, the steam cleaners head should be used in gentle vertical strokes to penetrate the fibers without drowning them. To make sure you cover every square inch, work in small portions and make sure your steam cleaner is set to the gentlest setting. If your curtains are thick and composed of natural fabrics, this method of curtain cleaning is quite effective.

5. Remove odors

Most scents should be removed from curtains with a good steam cleaner. If any remain, you may need to take a few additional actions. For example, a spray-on upholstery deodorizer is perfect for making curtains smell fresh and clean. Place a bowl of baking powder and your preferred essential oil on the windowsill to keep the space fresh.

6. Clean your windows with caution

When the windows they cover are cleaned, the curtains often become dirty or stained. Make sure you’re not creating an extra cleaning chore for yourself by spraying your cloth instead of the window pane. Cleaning agents, grease, and grime will otherwise end up on your curtains.

7. Allow air to pass through your curtains

It’s critical to give your curtains plenty of fresh air after cleaning as well as at regular intervals throughout the week. This will not only keep undesirable scents at bay, but it will also keep mold at bay.
Professional curtain cleaning should only be considered if you don’t have much time or curtains have become dirty beyond your imagination. Otherwise, if you don’t need to, don’t waste money and time getting your curtains professionally cleaned. Cleaning them while they’re still hanging could yield the desired results.

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