How to fix Outlook Data File Not be Accessible

There is no email client that is completely free of bugs or errors. It can be stressful to face certain issues without proper direction. Error code 0x8004010f is one of them. It is quite frequent with the process of sending and receiving emails within the MS Outlook application. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to resolve this Outlook database file which is unable to be easily accessed.

In general, the error occurs due to the following primary causes:

  • Outlook profile is infected with corruption
  • Moving the data file to another location
  • The most serious one can be a result of Outlook data file corruption

Because this error can stop the sending and receiving process, it is essential to fix it immediately.

solution when nothing works.

If the solutions above aren’t able to resolve your issue, then it is likely that the Outlook PST data file may be damaged. In this case, your best choice is to try SysTools Outlook PST Repair Software, which can repair the corrupted Outlook PST file. This tool is a professional that can retrieve every mail item from damaged and deleted PST files in batches. This UNICODE PST file can be loaded into any Outlook version without problems and mistakes. This can also resolve the Outlook data files that cannot be opened error.

Fix Outlook Data File Couldn’t be accessed Error

Different approaches can be employed to solve this Outlook problem in the versions of 2010 and 2013. Usually, when we create an entirely new profile, we can fix the error. But, it is possible to update Outlook settings to fix the error 0x8004010f.

Create an Outlook Profile. Outlook Profile

In the beginning, we have to first identify and locate the Outlook data file from the profile currently in use and then create a new profile that contains this data file . Finally, we need to assign it as the default profile. The step-by-step instructions are as follows:

Step 1: Locate the Previous Outlook Data File

  • Go to your control panel and click on mail.
  • Mail Setup Mail Setup Outlook dialogue box open Click on the Show Profiles button
  • Choose from the existing Outlook profile and click on Properties.
  • Once more, the Mail Setup – Outlook dialog box will open. Click here to open Data Files
  • On the Account Settings window, choose Data Files. Data Files tab
  • There, look for a check mark before the name of the file and the location. Take note of them since the checkmark represents the default data file.
  • Click Close to close the process.

Step 2: Create a New Profile in MS Outlook

The next step involves creating a profile to access the Outlook data file that cannot be accessed. This can be accomplished using two methods: manual and autoconfiguration.

By using the Auto Account Setup

  • Start Control Panel, then click Mail > Show Profiles
  • Choose the Outlook profile and then click on the Add button
  • Once the account has been set up.

Manual method to create a new IMAP or POP account

  • Follow the steps mentioned above until the Add a New Account Dialog Box opens.
  • Select the manual configuration server settings or any other server type radio buttons and click Next.
  • Select Internet E-mail, then click the next button
  • Input your email account information and then click “Test Account Settings” to confirm your account settings.
  • Additionally, click on the Existing Outlook Data File radio button, and then click on the Browse button.
  • Choose the previously downloaded Outlook file, then click OK.
  • Then click Next and then Close to successfully set up the new account.

Step 3: Set the new profile to be the default one.

  • Open Control Panel, then go to the Mail > and then > Show Profiles
  • Select the profile you want to change from the Always select this drop-down menu
  • Click OK to exit.

If not feasible, an alternative method to create a new profile

You can alter the data file for the profile currently in use to a temporary version and then switch it back to the original profile. This could change the Outlook send/receive settings and can fix the Outlook data files that can’t be opened with the error 0x8004010f.

Follow the below steps for information:

  • Start MS Outlook and go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings.
  • Choose the account that is associated with the error and click on the Change folder button
  • Then, click New Outlook Data File and give the file an appropriate name. Then, click OK.
  • Expand the folders in this new data file to select the Inbox folder. Click OK.
  • Click again on the Change folder and then choose your original file as well as the folder. Click OK
  • Click on the Data Files tab >> Remove to erase the newly created data file.
  • Then close your Account Settings window and then click the Send/Receive option.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to figure out how to solve the issue with your Outlook files that can’t be accessed correctly in the shortest amount of time.


There is a possibility of receiving an error when sending or receiving emails using MS Outlook. The error could display one of the following messages: “The operation failed. “The object was not identified” or “Outlook data file can’t be accessible.” The proper guidelines are covered in the article on how to fix Outlook issues. If all else goes wrong, a certain method of professional service is mentioned.

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