How to get free pets in adopt me Roblox?

Roblox has the best roleplay games with millions of choices characters. This parenting platform is a unique 3D world to raise children and take care of their well-being. There are multiple items and methods which elevate the growth of a child, Click here for more details pet adopt me robux.

In a few last updates of the game, many pets got introduced to bring in new characters to adopt me. Are you among one of the millions of fans? Then this article will interest you. Here we will explain the following methods to get free pets. Read further to know more.

Ways to get Adopt me free pets?

Since the release of pets in 2019, players have made it a competition to gather more pets than others. There are multiple ways of buying and exchanging these characters in the game. If you are rich enough, you can easily buy them through Robux to get your hands on some legendary and rare pets. For others who want to get free pets without spending money. Here is a guide to help you.

Starter Egg

All the new players get the opportunity to visit Sir Woofington. In return, he would offer them with present egg to start their journey. This starter egg given by him needs to get hatched into a pet that you can choose from two options in dog and cat species. Unlike other pets, this is your permanent companion because it cannot be traded or exchanged with anyone else.

Star Rewards

These are some points that every player gets eligible to collect on starting a new day game. Whenever you enter into adopt me, some stars get credited to your account which, gets stacked up eventually. You can easily exchange them for some adorable pets. Are you lucky enough? You may even get rewarded with a blue rider, didgirido, and racer rocket. Here is a comparison of pets concerning Star price available on the platform.

Toucan: 400 stars

Starfish: 550 stars

Earning Money

By speaking of money, we refer to the token currency of the game. It can also get exchanged for bike assets like pets, vehicles on the game. Here are some tasks you can complete to earn more money and buy pets quickly.

For every 15 minutes of playing this game, you get rewarded with money. Playing games for more time can accumulate loads of cash. But, there is another glitch that you can exploit to get more money.

You can leave the game operating in the background app and get paid every 15 minutes. In this manner, you can use your device for any other task but still get paid to adopt me.

All the regular players get awarded with special prices for maintaining their streak. After five days of consecutive days of playing the game, you get entitled to some surprise gifts and star rewards. On maintaining a streak for 30 days, you will get a special egg to hatch into a unique pet.

There are some assets to bring you extra money. You plant a money tree in your house area, you can make an income of 8 coins per day. You get allowed to grow more than one tree. But only a total of 100 coins get made every day.

You can go to the inventory and put some adorable pets into your favorite category list. When you have to stack up enough cash, you can purchase their eggs and hatch them. Developers keep upgrading these pets and bringing new characters into the gameplay. The value of any pet gets determined by the price put on it.

Ways to get adopt me legendary pets

The easiest way to incentivize players is by introducing new characters into the 3D world. It makes them get deep into the gameplay and explore the ambiance with more interest. There are many locations where you can find legendary eggs. Many players run errands to find these locations. But we have provided them for free.

You can come across some legendary eggs near the hospital area. Explore the land and, you will find a way bridge. Go cross it and, you will need to locate a Woody mansion on the landscape. Go inside it and explore the hallways to find a sign saying nothing to find in this place. There is a big vent near it, you squeeze yourself inside it you will find yourself in a secret room with a legendary a lying on the floor, Get more information click on adopt me trading values.

It is an uncertain location that might or might not contain legendary eggs. But you are going to get some points for visiting this area. Find the exit mark on your map and stand on the edge. Get a plunger and throw it across the sign. The pre-existing grey wall will get covered by a green wall. Now you can walk past the exit sign and cross walls. On the other side, you will find a beautiful landscape with a legendary egg.

Ways to find adopt me neon pet

Did you know that you can transform any four normal pets into neon pets by visiting Nixie’s cave? All you need to do is fill it with loads of TLC. Visit the mentioned location and find three huge circles under the bridge. Place pets on the prompted locations. Make sure that you are using some special characters to do magic. Start the procedure and, you will see all four of them merge into a beautiful neon character.

You cannot buy them directly from the inventory or any other procedure. It is the only legend way to obtain neon pets.


Adopt me pets are creating match Buzz around the players. These cute little creatures are in demand because of their look and other utilities in the game. Many players are looking around for some promo codes to get free pets. As per our research, there are no valid codes available at this moment.

Please share your experience with us in the comment section. We love hearing from you.

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