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Marina Indian Restaurant located in the historic Hartford suburb of Farmington on the east side of the Connecticut River just south of the downtown district is a Connecticut institution. Their influence on the Hartford rich culinary scene has been myriad and well documented. But their impact on the state’s politics and international affairs has been more subtle.
Biryani is a popular Indian dish that is characterized by a rice dish cooked in gravy with meat or vegetables and served with raita or a bread-based accompaniment such as roti. These are usually made using chicken, mutton, beef, seafood, or a combination of these. The dish is usually served with a choice of either naan or paratha breads.
Marina Indian restaurant is tradition for the biryanis, which are mouth-watering dishes made with a traditional spice blend and meat, vegetable or lentil filling. The original, of course, was the Mughal biryanis, but now a wide variety of biryanis are available. They can be found at many Indian restaurants, but here are a few places to start: Akash Restaurant, Bombay Tavera, Hotel Leela, and Kabbalah.
Marina Best Biryani Restaurants in Connecticut Indian restaurant in Hamden – one of Connecticut’s best-kept secrets – is now a waterfront destination.For the past 30 years, the place has been a frequent spring destination, but over the past few years, the restaurant’s popularity has soared.The restaurant, known for its lake views, sunny patio and high-quality food, has been serving Indian food since 1988, and to mark its 30 years, Marina Indians are offering a once-in-a-lifetime, three-day all-inclusive gourmet experience.
Connecticut’s trailblazing biryani-biryani now live in their perfect home after moving from India. Surrounded by a lush green park, the stately colonial-style homes vary in age with each one having its own artistic style. The architecture is timeless, with classic details such as columns in the front and back, and the trim work is perfectly in proportion with the homes themselves, which are grand and stately.
It may not be the healthiest dish in the world, but the Indian Express’ food writer, Bina Mathews, has a special place in her heart for the biryani. Every year, she travels to Hyderabad, where she indulges in the quintessence of biryani, at more than a hundred restaurants.
Connecticut, the state where biryani originated, is known for its Indian and Chinese dishes, but one of its best-loved regional specialties is the traditional biryani rice dish, comprised of layers of aromatic rice (often basmati rice) topped with herbs, spices, and meat or vegetables. Per this tradition, biryani is served with meat, fish, and vegetables, a favorite being chicken or mutton.
Connecticut has superb Indian biryani, and we’re lucky enough to have it right here in Norwich, CT. Our carryout biryani restaurant is a huge hit with our guests, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Our huge selection of Indian favorites, such as Chicken Biryani, is an added bonus for our foodies.
A delicious Indian snack,
Biryanis are a delicious Indian specialty that are mildly spicy, and are loaded with healthy ingredients…. at Marina Indian restaurant, biryani is a high-end specialty that can be very rich and heavy, or light and spicy, or any other flavor you can think of. The world of work is changing — and not just because of artificial intelligence. Today, we have a hyper-competitive labor market that favors those who are best at generating immediate results. The result of this is a narrowing of career opportunities and a narrowing of the skills required to succeed in today’s economy. This has led to a troubling trend among young people: many are choosing not to work.
New technology is changing the way we learn and the way we work. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping us better understand our world and the world around us. The Internet of Things is connecting everything in our world, from our thermostats to our lightbulbs, to the Internet. The future is here, and it’s starting to change the world.
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Recently, I spent most of my free time reading about our nation’s history. I wanted to learn more about our founding fathers and their contributions to our country. One topic I came across was the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. The Alien and Sedition Acts were two laws passed by the U.S. Congress in response to the rhetoric of the Adams administration.
The second half of the twentieth century was a time of great discovery in the field of artificial intelligence. The first digital computers were designed to mimic human thinking and behavior, but they failed to achieve this lofty goal. Instead, digital computers were slow, lacked common sense, and often made incorrect assumptions. In the late 1960s, however, a new breed of computer emerged.
Our’s is one of the best restaurants in Connecticut, but we are not satisfied until our guests are completely satisfied.
Marina is the best restaurant in Connecticut. We serve 5 star food and we serve it with 5 star service. We make sure that you have a great time at our restaurant.
Marina is the one of the best restaurant in Connecticut, located in Stamford, CT on Washington St., East of the Metro-North station.
Marina is our first location in New England and our own signature waterfront restaurant. For over 15 years, Marina has been an institution in the community. We are committed to exceeding our guests’ expectations every day, and we are committed to our guests’ safety.
Marina is a young businesswoman, wanted to open a restaurant in the epicenter of Connecticut’s culinary scene. The result was Marina’s Italian restaurant, which she opened in 2007 in the heart of downtown Stamford.
Located on Washington Street, near the Metro-North train station, Marina is the perfect place to dine with friends or family. We offer a wide range of Italian dishes, including pasta, pizza, chicken and seafood. We are also known for our wood-fired pizza, which is served with fresh basil. Our wood-fired pizza is the best pizza in Connecticut, and we take great pride in serving it to our guests.
Located on Washington Street, just a few steps from the Metro-North train station, Marina is a beautiful restaurant with spectacular views of the water. Our award-winning chef serves up delicious Italian cuisine that is sure to please even the most discerning palate. Our warm, welcoming atmosphere makes it easy for you to come in and enjoy a meal with family and friends. We are proud to be a part of the vibrant downtown Stamford community, and we look forward to serving you soon!
Located on Washington Street, just off the Metro-North train station, Marina is an institution in the community. We are committed to exceeding our guests’ expectations every day, and we are committed to their safety. We offer an extensive menu of authentic Italian cuisine, including traditional pastas, fresh seafood, and poultry, and we also offer a variety of pizzas. We also offer a variety of traditional Italian and Americanized dishes, including our famous lasagna and our award-winning tiramisu.
Located in the historic district of Stamford, Connecticut, Marina’s Italian Restaurant is the perfect place to experience the best in classic Italian cuisine, award-winning wine, and warm service. Our award-winning wine list features over 100 selections from the most prestigious Italian vineyards, including the best from Tuscany, Abruzzo, Piedmont and more. Our extensive Italian wine list is complemented by a carefully-curated beer and cocktail list, which includes many local, craft, and international options. Our talented team of wine experts is on hand to help with any questions or concerns.
The result has been a destination for locals and visitors alike. Our restaurant is known for its amazing Italian food, our friendly staff, and our stunning waterfront view. We are proud to serve our community, and we look forward to serving you!

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