Uses of glycerin in skincare and its benefits

Introduction: Skin should be taken care of before winter comes. Because in winter, various problems are seen on the skin. Starting from chapped lips, there are chapped hands and feet and dryness. As the winter progresses, the skin’s moisture levels decrease. Glycerin is no match for keeping the skin moist during this time. But let’s know today, the use of glycerin in our skincare and its benefits

The glycerin used in various skincare

Lip care

Glycerin has been used since ancient times for use on the lips. You can use glycerin at night before going to sleep and after waking up to get rid of chapped lips. Glycerin is also very effective for scrubbing. Mixing a few drops of glycerin with granulated sugar and massaging for 2-3 minutes will remove chapped lips and make lips soft. Sometimes the texture of glycerin is a bit heavy. In that case, you can mix glycerin with rose water.

Hand and foot care

Skin needs extra care in winter. And you can do this extra skin care with glycerin. For hand and foot care, if you soak half a spoonful of glycerin in warm water for 10-15 minutes, the hands and feet will be soft, and also glycerin will solve problems like raised skin or cracked ankles.

A common problem in winter is cracked heels. In that case, wash your feet well before going to sleep and clean your heels. Then apply glycerin and fall asleep. If you have a little light glycerin, you can mix it with olive oil. Regular use will eliminate the problem of cracked feet and the heel will be smooth. Using the pack

The skin naturally gets a little tight or dehydrated by using face packs. And in the winter there is nothing! But will it stop the practice of beauty in the winter? Of course not. If you want to use a face pack, especially a clay mask, on the skin in winter, mix a few drops of glycerin in the pack. Glycerin does not contain excess oil but it brings back moisture to the skin. And even after using the pack, the skin will remain dehydrated and soft.

As a toner

Glycerin also works well as a toner. Mix light rose water with glycerin and use it on your face at the beginning of the day. Those who are out all day can carry it in a bag if they want. It will make the skin feel very refreshing and hydrated throughout the day.

As a makeup base

Since the skin gets a little dry in winter, a moisturizer is needed before makeup. So you can use glycerin after cleaning the skin well before makeup. This will help to keep the skin hydrated and your makeup will sit on the skin very nicely


Also works as a glycerin cleanser on acne-prone skin or normal skin. Facial cleansers with glycerin help cleanse the skin without drying it out. And if your skin feels dry after using your cleanser in winter, mix two drops of glycerin with your regular face wash and massage, and wash off with lukewarm water. You will see that the skin is no longer dry.

What type of skin can use glycerin?

Glycerin can be used for all types of skin, be it dry or oily skin. Many may think that glycerin can be used in acne-prone skin. Yes, of course. Since glycerin does not contain extra oil, it does not clog skin pores. And that’s why glycerin can be used on any skin without side effects. So glycerin works great as a moisturizer on all skin types.

When to use it?

It is best to use glycerin after bathing. During this time the skin is clear and also very dry. So it is best to use glycerin at this time. And you can apply glycerin several times a day to places that are drier, such as elbows, ankles, and lips.

At what age can use it?

People of all ages can use glycerin. No artificial substance is used in it. So it is a safe option for people of all ages.

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