Which Invisible Braces are Best?

Invisible braces are one of the most popular orthodontic treatments on the market today, and there are several companies that offer invisible braces. But which best invisible braces are best? What are the top five invisible braces? Let’s take a look at the criteria we used to determine our top 5, and see if we can’t come up with an answer to this question…

Invisalign vs. ClearCorrect

Both Invisalign and ClearCorrect have been around for quite some time. Which is best? Both companies have different techniques for making braces invisible. Each has their pros and cons, but in general it seems that patients prefer Invisalign to ClearCorrect. The main difference between them is that ClearCorrect uses a process called selective laser sintering (SLS) to create braces. In contrast, Invisalign uses 3D imaging technology to design custom clear aligners that fit directly over your teeth. It’s generally easier to use than SLS because you don’t need to remove teeth or build tooth-sized splints to move things around as you would with SLS; instead, you just pop on a new aligner each week.

How Are They Aligned in Your Mouth?

What Makes an Aligner Best? (Best invisible braces) How do you choose which type of dental aligner is best for you and your smile correction goals? One of our many great patients can offer insight on how she feels her treatment went so well. Her testimonial will hopefully help you see that when it comes to orthodontic treatment, Dr. Edwards makes every effort to use state-of-the-art technology and proven methods of correcting a patient’s bite. He often uses invisible braces for long lasting results.

Patient Testimonials

Our patients were happy to share their stories and we were more than happy to post them here. Check out what they had to say about our treatments!If you’re considering braces, you might be asking yourself which invisible aligners are best for you. While all of our treatment options come with a 90-day money back guarantee, we think that ClearCorrect aligners might just take some of your stress away when it comes to choosing a provider. This is because many people have been telling us that ClearCorrect offers the best invisible braces and all of our patients agree that they hardly notice they’re wearing these clear plastic trays day in and day out, thanks to their minimal design.

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

Each type of brace has its pros and cons, so knowing which type to choose depends on your specific situation. One thing is certain: Invisalign is definitely not a good choice for every case. For example, you’ll want to avoid Invisalign if you need to correct significant crowding or spacing issues in your teeth, as there simply isn’t enough room in each tray for all of your teeth. Similarly, don’t expect Invisalign to have much impact on your overbite or underbite; these problems require realignment with physical pressure from real braces—no amount of plastic will give them a boost! However, if you just need to straighten out one or two minor problems, then Invisalign could be perfect for you.

Why Choose Invisible Treatment Over Traditional Treatment?

Dental aligners, more commonly known as invisible braces, are available for adults and children. If you’re considering having invisible braces to correct your smile, there are a number of questions you might have. First things first: we recommend going to see your general dentist before starting any treatment. He or she can offer advice based on what they observe and assess your options before making a recommendation. You can also watch our video, which explains whether invisible or traditional treatment is best in some situations. Our team of dental professionals is standing by to answer any other questions you may have about invisible orthodontic treatment options at Del Dente Dental Care. For example, call us at 800-777-8337 for help finding an invisible aligner provider near you!

Watch Our Video on Invisalign vs. Traditional Treatment

Click Here! The first thing to keep in mind is that Invisalign is not better than traditional braces—they’re simply different. Each one offers distinct advantages and, as a result, it’s important for you to evaluate your specific situation and determine which option best fits your needs. If you have clear (white) or light-colored teeth, for example, Invisalign might be a good choice for you since aligners won’t be visible when worn. Traditional braces may still work well, however—it depends on how wide your mouth is and other factors unique to your case. Ultimately, there’s no best dental alignment method—only what works best for you. That said, if we had to pick just one type of treatment over another, we would recommend Invisalign because of its convenience and comfort. It also helps that they look more natural than traditional braces. So while there isn’t necessarily a best dental alignment system out there, we think Invisalign is an excellent choice for most people looking to straighten their teeth quickly and comfortably. Our office specializes in both types of treatment options so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about invisible braces vs. traditional orthodontics!

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